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HQ (founded in 1990) is an international poetry magazine that publishes a broad range of work - from the highly experimental to the very traditional. The emphasis is on quality and originality. About one third of the magazine's space is given over to haiku and haikuesque poetry; the rest to mainstream poetry and reviews and articles. HQ encourages the publication of new work by established writers - in past issues: James Kirkup, Adrian Henri, Peter Redgrove, Alan Brownjohn, Christopher Middleton, Jack Clemo, Philip Gross, Anne Born, Lucien Stryk, Alexis Lykiard, Tom Raworth, Dannie Abse... even Patrick Moore the astronomer in issue 19/20 - and developmental/experimental work by new poets such as Michael Paul Hogan, Colin Savage, John Marks, Gary Bills, Heidi Trilling, Keiko Kakami.

Howard Sergeant and Roland John at Outposts and Mike Shields at Orbis have been a strong influence on HQ's editor, and this is reflected in the magazine's style.

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Frequency: 3-4 per year
Subscription cost: 10 UK, 13 non-UK for four issues.
Single issue: 2-80
Double issue: 5-00
Cheques payable to The Haiku Quarterly.

Editorial address: 39 Exmouth Street, Swindon, Wiltshire SN1 3PU, England.
Payment: free copy(ies) of the magazine.
Accept/reject times: up to six months depending on workload.

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