John Lennon/Paul McCartney

Made of wool from fine angora flocks
I think I must have left them at the docks
How could I lose my yestersocks?

There's a total lack of hosiery.
Can you see them floating out to sea?
O yestersocks, come back to me.

Why they had to go I don't know, I am quite foxed.
I did something wrong; now I long for yestersocks.

With a nice design of little clocks
(I like my clothes to be unorthodox)
O how I miss my yestersocks.

More successful than a box of chocs
For attracting girls in frilly frocks.
They used to love my yestersocks.

Why they had to go I don't know, I'm truly shocked.
When the day got hot I forgot my yestersocks.

Of the kind that Marks and Spencer stocks
I'd rather have a dose of chickenpox
Than lose my precious yestersocks.

Nevermore will grace my laundry box.
I could kick myself. O hollyhocks!
I've lost my favourite yestersocks.

John Lennon and Paul McCartney need no introduction from me. 

My excuse for this one is that I had been paddling in the sea near Great Yarmouth, and left the beach without putting my socks back on. By the time I realised - the following morning - the tide had come in and washed them away. The description of the socks above owes a little to artistic licence.

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