Roger McGough/Brian Patten

Little Johnny's Other Confession
Last night
	Mother I said the pub is full of scousepoets.
	It's like Yates Wine Lodge on the East Lancs Road -
	Northern prats declaiming so-called poems
	Full of ghastlypuns.
	All I wanted was a quiet pint.

This morning
	I went out with a small but serviceable machine gun
	And eliminated a number of bearded Liverpudlians.
	Let me die a youngman's death, they cried,
	Not a soft between the sheets with angels twanging harps type death.
	So I did.

This afternoon
	Hobnailbooted police cars scour the city
	Plangent sirens blaring "You'll never walk alone". 
	I cower in the carpark muttering you've blundered you've blundered.
	I ponder my next move, but I cannot move.
	Their tracker dogs will sniff me out;
	They have my smellysocks.

Roger McGough and Brian Patten are both going strong, so I will spare them the dreaded brackets. They were two of the poets - the third was the late Adrian Henri - to be featured in Penguin Modern Poets 10 - The Mersey Sound,  first published in the Beatles era. 

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