John Milton

On his patron's kindness
When I consider how my life is spent
I have to take deep breaths, and swallow pride.
The kind of work I do I try to hide
From friends - I let them see me as a gent.
On getting a new job I am intent.
Enthusiasm in my breast has died,
But when the vacancy I here espied
The opportunity seemed heaven-sent.
In middle age, will they employ me still?
Will I still be prepared to bend the knee
To men who can't remember what they ate?
Or do the decent thing when comes the bill?
(Bestow on me some small gratuity
- They also serve who only stand and wait!)

John Milton (1608-74) wrote more famous poetry than you can shake a stick at, including the famous sonnet On his blindness, the final line of which I did not need to alter. He managed to get this style of sonnet named after him.

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