Devilled Fruit

The answer to each of these 40 Printer's Devilry clues is the name of a fruit.

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  1. If you’re thinking of moving into an old house, my advice is “Look before you lease!”
  2. In India they charge snakes with musical trickery.
  3. By heading straight for Lowestoft beach, the robber made the coast.
  4. The sow hoped to reach her hog before nightfall.
  5. Whatever the regent does, make a profit.
  6. I must pay off the loans. Harsh interest rates were not always so high.
  7. It was a wonderful Balt, a man from Riga, who wanted to take me home to Latvia.
  8. The table-tennis champion will be a ping tonight.
  9. Tweedledum said he’d hidden the rattle in the jar, said Tweedledee.
  10. Rising from the mists in the eerie caverns, a frightful odour – attention!
  11. My darling, I cannot keep all my hearth alive to you.
  12. The freight company sped coal to Tyneside.
  13. A common arson is seldom found at the Taj Mahal.
  14. Tonight I am wearing my slim dressing for warmth.
  15. We can see in the design of the airship with the extractor fan.
  16. Consider the effect of that McEnroe bravery – true American heart!
  17. The hug to associate with bears is a strong and fearless one.
  18. You doing joints after a triathlon can hardly be surprising.
  19. As I left the casino for my hotel room I was offered a dice; cup of cocoa was what I wanted.
  20. Every item of her clothing had a clear identification mark: “Cynthia Manners-Price, Strip-o-Gram”.
  21. Look at the goddess in the beautiful woollen cloak. Isn’t that Hera?
  22. That fireplace is supposed to be as aid, my father.
  23. The sports master wanted to publish a school magazine at the parents’ expense, but he couldn’t make any one sprinter.
  24. Hog ate date ton as we boys grew weary of school food.
  25. I know you’re going to the disco, but do you have to wear those really heinous trousers?
  26. Councillors shunted by vice scandal.
  27. After the moonshine, Panama hat hijack is less appealing.
  28. “Don’t spend all that money on prisons, David Campbell!” wailed miser. Abrupt, he left by demolishing some.
  29. Holmes composed a violin piece: “The Mystery of the Red Sea”. Sing to excite him!
  30. You must remember the knife – very Arabian, you see – is to welcome you as a brother in Islam.
  31. I’d heard so much about Alvaro Mendoza the football coach that while in Central America I simply had to see the man – and Al’s team.
  32. Despite having a figure like a large – hi, Pa! – shop, which was popular with slimmers, she was a real character, my Aunt Margaret.
  33. The boat with the lateen sailed down the river towards Yarmouth.
  34. And behold, as he poured the water into the glass, each of them saw that it had turned to wine.
  35. The ship’s dog was a dark and noisy Labrador, and the sea was rough. I couldn’t sleep with that pitching all night.
  36. Tonight on the South Bank Show we examine the work of Pablo Hernandez – a curt critic, an enigmatic playwright, and a major figure in the cultural life of his country.
  37. Bees found, according to research by some Austrian (Mendel), “weiss” flowers more easily than coloured flowers.
  38. The exact centre of our pub is to be determined by the official baiter.
  39. Switzerland and Holland, countries as different as chalk and cheese, are both celebrating the Emmentaler centenary this year.
  40. Since she was Irish, I gave the thirsty mare whiskey.


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