The Devil's Tour - 2

Old Nick continues his tour of the UK. This second leg begins in south Wales and ends in Lancashire.

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  1. The conference, though: the first session's results had not been supervened the following day.
  2. Players get upset when they think they've been cautioned - butters them off.
  3. Trainee sacked shortly after catching fire facing picture of Pied Piper.
  4. Fed river and got away.
  5. The missing leg made the beast; here was nothing to support it with.
  6. When so tall (ow!) wagons to collide.
  7. If you're art, me know!
  8. The ice-cream, gardener, donkey and chess-player sandcastle, all the long summer afternoon.
  9. Hags chuck least. O summon up the devil!
  10. Makers of strong isotope rash ill in gin, the event that they crash.
  11. Among all the desirable residences on our books, this one is being luxury accommodation in an idyllic setting.
  12. A scientist at the party found that the volume increased by one decilitre of alcohol consumed.
  13. Hey! Prey disappears when magician rubs ring.
  14. All you oust, be repaid.
  15. We found 'Grand Mashers' full of useful recipes, as she had done.
  16. Judith Polgar would run Kasparov close, but there isn't any objective there. Quality contention!
  17. How can you, human without any teeth?
  18. We ploughed on east of the spinney.
  19. This agency supplies drivers for all vehicles' eventual controls.
  20. I'd like to be as met by the sea.
  21. I don't really understand why so many Asians' shoulders hops.
  22. I felt my mistress' knees seemed to follow me everywhere.
  23. He made his cashing whisky - practical, if not ethical!
  24. He bought an expensive camera, rather extravagantly but now usefully.
  25. Tom Thumb's painting a landscape; wit heard grasshopper.


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