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Available in Kindle format

These books are available from Amazon. (You don't need a Kindle to read them - Kindle readers for Windows, Mac etc are available for free download.)

Old Possum's book of Practical Pigs - A selection of poems about Pigs in all walks of life. There are worthy citizens such as Snuffles the Customs and Excise Pig and the inventor Thomas Alva Chitterling; cultural icons such as Dorado da Porci the Renaissance Pig and Hogwash the Token Artist; the sports stars McFarrow the Racing Pig and Yakitori the Sumo Pig; plus the occasional miscreant like Streaky Jones, the star-crossed lovers Tub-o'-Lard and La Belle Obese, and many others. A crackling good read. (They tell me someone called Eliot once did something similar for cats.

Fifty Shades of Verse  -  Recipes for fifty different verse forms from around the world,  with examples. Much of the material - though by no means all - can be found in the  Verse Forms area of this website. Also includes the world's longest villanelle (as far as I know...)

First Frush - This collection of poems originally printed in Manifold magazine was published as a chapbook in 1999, and Kindled in 2012.

Poems in anthologies

Cats Behaving Badly edited by Michelle Lovric (Barnes & Noble 2000) contains my Ted Hughes parody Cat.

2000: A Time and a Place - Newark and Sherwood's Millennium Chronicle contains Grummock, a poem I wrote at the Southwell Poetry Festival.


I have had poems published in various magazines including ManifoldHQ (The Haiku Quarterly)Poetry Nottingham International,  Poetry Greece, and Philosophy Now.


Under the pseudonym of Noggs, I have contributed several puzzles to The Listener Crossword, which is published in The Times on Saturdays. Two of these have appeared in anthologies:

The Times The Listener Crossword (Times Books 2002) contains my puzzle Cipher, in which most of the clues are in code. The puzzles in this book are arranged in order of increasing difficulty; Cipher appears 37th of 60.

The Times The Listener Crosswords (Chambers 2008) contains my puzzle Typo. Here again the puzzles are arrange in order of increasing difficulty. Typo is an easy one by Listener standards, and appears 2nd of 60.

Be warned that Listener crosswords have the reputation of being the hardest in the world!

Maths and Puzzles

The tessellating locking polyominoes that appear elsewhere on this site are also featured in The Penguin Dictionary of Curious and Interesting Geometry by David Wells (Penguin 1991).

I contributed  puzzles to Take the IQ Challenge 3 (Blandford 1990), The Ultimate IQ Book (Ward Lock 1993) and The Ultimate IQ Challenge (Ward Lock 1994).

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