One of the minor pleasures of running a website is watching your pages climb the rankings of the various search engines, and coming to understand the ways - sometimes unexpected or downright bizarre - in which surfers reach your site.

Among the more flattering ways people get here is from Wikipedia, from articles including the following:

Crown of sonnets
Good King Wenceslas
Good King Wenceslas
(in Wikipedia's Japanese edition)
Luc Bat
Masculine rhyme
Ottava rima
Song That Luc Bat

More links from Wikipedia would be most welcome! Do please feel free to add them.

More curiously, be advised that various pages on this site have recently held the following rankings:

1 on both Google.com and Google UK for verse forms
1 on Yahoo for kinds of rhyme
1 on both Google.com and Google Denmark for rondeau redouble
1 on Google.com for rubai
1 on Google.com for luc bat
1 on Google.com for double sestina
1 on Google.com for haiku hq
1 on MSN for englyn
1 on Google Poland for tail rhyme
1 on Google UK for printers devilry
1 on Google Australia for tessellating the polyominoes
1 on Yahoo for how many feet in a metre
1 on Google Russia for Ogden Nash inch metre
1 on Google.com for Muyaka bin Haji al-Ghassaniy
1 on Google UK for rain falls on the just and the unjust
1 on Google Denmark for beware of damsels in distress
1 on Google Germany for sun shines from every orifice
1 (of only 4) on Google UK for to porringe
1 on Google UK for queer my pitch
1 on Google.com for girl's bosom hq This search also turned up a fascinating  "Guide to Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual Moments in Doctor Who". 
1 on Google.com for hot wild brown black girls This surfer may have been disappointed to reach my Hemingway parody.
1 on Google UK for do not sleep sober or alone
1 on Google UK for chewing bits of string
1 on Yahoo for advert for an airline
1 on Google Brazil for the woman brought two glasses of beer and two felt pads
1 on Google Malaysia for herriot watts reservoir engineering
1 on Google UK for differentiate under the integral sign
1 on AOL for Shakespeare's witches names
1 on Google.com for what witches think about double crystals
1 on Google Germany, Google France and Google Colombia for crazed nipples

2 on Google.com for rhyme royal
2 on Google China for mirror rhyme
2 on Excite for rhyme guide
2 on Google Hungary for Google Hungary (and this was the very page they found)
2 on Google UK for dry felting verse wet felting (I think "versus" was meant here, and this person was looking for information about techniques for making pictures from coloured wool.) 
2 on Google.com for jentacular
2 on Google.com for how to use legal adverbs like hereinafter correctly
2 on Google.com for buxom slender
2 on Google Australia for wild liveware
2 on Google Canada for if you smell bananas
2 on MSN for williams shakespeare when was he born till he died (!)
2 on Google.com for have a bash with ogden nash
2 on Google.com for words stoat shakespeare (and the first that is not obscene)
2 on Google Italy for hot madrid girl (behind a page with info about Las Palmas brothels)
2 on Google Finland for las palmas brothels (since the previous line was added to this page!)
2 on Google UK for poems about hereward the wake
2 on Google UK for eskimo love poem

3 on both Google.com and AOL for ballade
3 on Google Canada for villanelle
3 on Google UK for rondeau
3 on MSN for sonnet (and the first that is about poetry)
3 on Google Egypt for naga uta syllabic structure
3 on Google Mexico for rubaiyat of omar khayyam presented by elf
3 on Google Belgium for taliped decanus
3 on Google Canada for robaczek swietojanski (which is the Polish for "glow-worm")
3 on Google Sweden for than-bauk
3 on AOL for words that rhyme with done
3 on Google Germany for friends of Abidjan zoo
3 on Google UK for microsoft vole history
3 on Google UK for wild gardening movement
3 on Google.com for 14 line sonnets about things (presumably this surfer already had information on sonnets of other lengths that were about nothing at all)

4 on Google South Africa for broken rhyme
4 on Google Denmark for eye rhyme
4 on Google Hungary for masculine rhyme
4 on Google Vietnam for luc bat
4 on Google Romania for undead alphabet
4 on Google Hong Kong for possessive gerund archaic
4 on Google.com for squaring the square
4 on Google.com for standard form for writing a will
4 on Google Mauritius for economics for beginners
4 on Google New Zealand for insulting poems for your boyfriends
4 on Google India for beautiful poems for your luv
4 on MSN for scoter girls (the surfer may have meant "scooter", but I didn't)
4 on Google.com for hot girl belch
4 on Google Israel and Google China for crazed nipples

5 on Google.com for pantoum
5 on Google UK for cynghanedd (and three of the ones in front are in Welsh)
5 on Google Thailand for กวี (what?)
5 on Google UK for deli's in Clapham (despite the naff apostrophe)
5 on Google UK for cereal box religion is a smile from
5 on Yahoo Taiwan for go around the barn at high noon
5 on Google.com for something that rhymes with purple
5 on Google.com for a sentence with plausible in it
5 on Google.com for bonk poland
5 on Google Italy for crazed nipples
5 on Google.com for recipe for summoning up the devil

6 on Google Trinidad and Tobago for metre
6 on Google.com for Dum di-di dum dum ("Did you mean: dum didi dum dum", asks Google)
6 on Google Spain for crotels
6 on Google India for thumb painting
6 on MSN for archie and strict baptists

7 on Google.com for football villanelle poems
7 on Google.com for hortative subjunctive
7 on Google Germany for difficult to conjugate german words
7 on MSN New Zealand for Gujurati baby names

8 on Google Canada for sonnet form
8 on Google Japan for rundreim
8 on Google UK for Ogden Nash
8 on Google Germany for percy bish shelly poems
8 on Google Canada for virelai par deschamps
8 on Google.com for higher pantheism in a nutshell
8 on Google India for marathi poems on animals
8 on Google Philippines for children's poetry in tagalog
8 on Google Egypt for words liable to be confused

only 9 on Google India for bina (despite having invented the form myself)
9 on Google Russia for what is ivan franko l'viv national university famous for
9 on Starware for flaming skillet
9 on MSN for dum stuff
9 on Google Turkey for you vole
9 on Google.com for where does piccalilli come from? 

10 on Google.com for roundelay 
10 on AltaVista for villanelle 
10 on Yahoo Hong Kong for verse vs poem
10 on Google Vietnam for dare to strike
10 on Google UK for what is a vole 
on Google UK for honey trap recipes 
on Google UK for Victoria Longley naked 

11 on Google UK for nude caravanning

18 on Google.com for iambic pentameter 

32 on Google.com for cinquain (aaagh!) 

33 on Google Italy for Polish vocabulary 

46 on Google Australia for animated devil

81 on Google Sweden for links gay brothels

137 on Google UK for black ants

162 on Google UK for conversazione - so presumably on the 17th page, this surfer finally found what (s)he was looking for.

180 on emachines for a soldier known unto god

As Beachcomber used to say, there will be more of this. 

PS You can prove anything with statistics... Based on the numbers of hits I get, the biggest 5 countries in the world must be USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and... wait for it... Singapore!

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This page last edited 22/12/2007