Table of Metric Feet

In the "symbolic" column, r  indicates an unstressed syllable, and  p a stressed syllable. 

Name Adjective Symbolic Mnemonic Example
pyrrhic pyrrhic rr diddy in a 
iamb iambic rp di-dum en-GAGE
trochee trochaic pr dum-di AL-ways
spondee spondaic pp dum-dum HOT STUFF
tribrach tribrachic rrr di-di-di and in the
anapaest (in US, anapest) anapaestic (anapestic) rrp diddy-dum on the WAY
amphibrach amphibrachic rpr di-dum-di e-TER-nal
bacchius bacchiac rpp di-dum-dum the WHOLE HOG
dactyl dactylic prr dum-diddy WAN-der-ing
cretic or amphimacer cretic prp dum-di-dum PIECE of CAKE
antibacchius antibacchiac ppr dum-dum-di GOOD MORN-ing
molossus molossic ppp dum-dum-dum GREAT WHITE HOPE
tetrabrach or proceleus maticus tetrabrachic or proceleusmatic rrrr diddy-diddy and isn't it
paeon paeonic rrrp or rrpr or rprr or prrr one stressed in four  
ionic minor or double iamb   rrpp diddy-dum-dum in the LONG RUN
di-iamb or diamb di-iambic or diambic rprp di-dum-di-dum a CUP of TEA
antispast antispastic rppr di-dum-dum-di the OLD COUN-try
epitrite epitritic rppp or prpp or pprp or pppr three stressed in four  
choriamb or choriambus choriambic prrp dum-diddy-dum HOLE in the WALL
ditrochee ditrochean or ditrochaic prpr dum-di-dum-di TOP-sy-TUR-vy
ionic major    pprr dum-dum-diddy LEFT-HAND-ed-ness
dispondee dispondaic pppp dum-dum-dum-dum FEE-FIE-FO-FUM

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