The Devil's Tour - 1

The Devil has undertaken a tour of the UK (that is to say, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). The hundred towns on his itinerary form a circular tour. Successive towns are normally quite close together, though occasionally longer distances are involved, particularly in areas of low population. Three of the towns are two words each; one of these is abbreviated in the usual way.

Here are Printer's Devilry clues to Old Nick's first 25 destinations. He begins in suburban Surrey and meanders vaguely westward, then up into south Wales.

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  1. Listen to that lamb: "Boff!"
  2. The elderly brothers were marksmen. The ball! The game!
  3. From time to time a photographer reloads a film.
  4. They keep the main ingredient for brain silos.
  5. If your dog won't eat his dinner, he may respond better with "sit".
  6. I'll turn on the other fire, and make both of use, O my love.
  7. She was from Venus' hearth.
  8. I had a jolly face, but my uncle insisted on a diet.
  9. The braid, Den, in my toolbox.
  10. The wee creature in the loch was the news (i.e. had recently produced).
  11. The Italian police have one dossier to show in term - an arsonist.
  12. For my money, "Frankenstein" will bear any of the works of Capek.
  13. There's a suitable mark for a Sachmo, men - "T"!
  14. My Hebrew is pretty rusty. Though when anyone say (sic) "Had you!", I know it means there's no glory left.
  15. The chef's efforts brought no dish, imperfect as his sauces were.
  16. Ostentatiously the drunkard, luring any policeman to stop him.
  17. I love honey, coming without peer for sweetness.
  18. As in a Greek tragedy, "hud" in the end!
  19. Don't forget your old flames; send a "sentiment alive - years have passed".
  20. As the door creaks, our spots distressed damsel.
  21. View as a football fan from Birmingham.
  22. Drivers can learn to set - it's always dangerous.
  23. Only one's worded "The Mer-King's Grotto" unimpressively.
  24. His glorious example is an ally shining in the dark.
  25. He left them a song: "Iron Hills". He'd always liked Della.


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