The Devil's Tour - 4

Old Nick's tour of the UK enters its final phase, starting in Scotland and working demoniacally down the eastern side of the country. He ends only a few miles up the road from where he began, 99 clues earlier.

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  1. The cat! O, follow the caravan.
  2. I don't have a niche LP, me!
  3. I'd find a candle witless, useless.
  4. To get out of the pound, use the cent (revised).
  5. With a "Ho!", oaken sin the evening.
  6. The man in the rhyme did - walked miles.
  7. You have bedroom eyesight.
  8. We brier pigeons.
  9. Some practitioners of the lathe recession are going out of business.
  10. Yesterday the TV was on the blink, but it's no right!
  11. The bowler knew the ball would swing, but did the batsman heed?
  12. Hieronymus left a bit of boscage at the top of the barrel.
  13. Watch the eccentric librarian file, run, usual form.
  14. Lying in the garden was a scruffy American, hoed out of his mind.
  15. Crushing is the norm. Ale pie feat.
  16. Neither "wickercraft" is spelt correctly in this context.
  17. We played - pow! - Ickenham.
  18. You can feel the sweet scent resolve in the mouth.
  19. The scatters urge on might; forget that oak.
  20. The humourless taxman Willins: "I stand Ernie".
  21. I like unpromising racks of letters in Scrabble. I consider theologisms.
  22. These shows are seldom worthwhile, but for Saturday, "Seventh Anthem", one your friend recommended.
  23. Sometimes a tramp has no ways.
  24. Shame sautÚd by satanic verses.
  25. If you trip on the stein, jury may be sustained.


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