The Devil's Tour - 3

Old Nick continues on his fiendish way through the UK. This third leg of his tour begins in Lancashire and ends in Scotland.

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  1. Pint on to compose many more odes.
  2. If you don't hone sharp, you might as well forget it.
  3. How will we cross the channel? By a huge tunny!
  4. For lunch Chas let Sal amiably cut, and served with salad.
  5. "Don't!", pincers were told when recovering ball from milking-shed.
  6. If you cut me I will, Billy Boy.
  7. If the reader wishes to sample this with emus text page.
  8. When you get to Konstanz, have a taste. American! Recommend it!
  9. After the vandals had gone, we watched the baring in the fields.
  10. We should make the contract with his sin clubs.
  11. Let's go on rally in Lakeland.
  12. Little Jimmy lied; practical jokes.
  13. The man maimed was later arrested by the Sūreté.
  14. The curry is nearly ready and the pop pain the pan.
  15. It's like looking for a needle in a hick.
  16. God was responsible for Noah's panda/llama zing.
  17. This stupid gallery sure shows really I kind of like it.
  18. Nobody could make me rice, old lady.
  19. Ben and Thea wanted to go for a ride, but the chariot was north-east - O, drive!
  20. Never buy a pig. I nap. "Oink", that's what they say.
  21. Tough homes espied in Soho.
  22. When authors' prose books tend to lack quality.
  23. Be strange, men; 'twas in trophy cabinet at Ibrox.
  24. It's an all-girl disco you'll be. See in gnome.
  25. A ref could be a fresh bloomer.


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